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highly amused by burdge highly amused by burdge
i was rereading the 6th HP book because the movie made
me wanna compare it to the novel, and i came upon this part.

i had forgotten A LOT, including this scene w/ ginny.
shocking, i know.

the book is a billion trillion times better. :roll:
jo rowling owns ginny weasley.

oh, if you can't read the mess i call my handwriting:
... Her imitations of Ron anxiously bobbing up and down in front of the goal posts as the quaffle sped toward him, or of Harry bellowing at Mclaggen before being knocked out cold, kept them all highly amused. pg 518
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helenacrystal1 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Books are always better than the movie...
Drawer500 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
what book is this from
zachinahat Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011
I absolutely hated Ginny's characterization in the movies - they absolutely ruined Harry and Ginny's first kiss for me; no shocked Ron, Happy Hermione, peeved Dean or Romilda just an absolutely bizarre scene of them in the Room of Requirement

I am so glad that we HP nerds have you to soothe our wounds with spectacular fanart
FairyBubblePuppy Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Student General Artist
I know! I was looking forward to seeing the kiss scene in the common room after the game but then it was all weird, like the whole "Close your eyes" and... I dunno it was just weird...
Painter-Gal77 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Yeah seriously, that was the worst kissing scene ever and it was extremely awkward too.. I was watching it and I was just like "Don't do it, don't do it.. Ugh!" *facepalm* "You ruined it.."
spineless-laugh Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011
Me too!
atKitKat Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010   Writer
nathpollen Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2009
I think I need to reread the books again too. When I first read the quote, I was wondering why you were quoting Hermione mimicking Ron with a drawing of Ginny beside it...

Also, I agree that the book was 20 million times better than the movie, but there are a couple things that the movie had that the book lacked. I never pictured Cormac to be that freaking attractive.
Him, Blaize and Malfoy make this movie my favorite, and the amazing filming too, I guess. =P
keroseneflame Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009  Student General Artist
Of COURSE the book was way better!!! Thats a give, but you have to was stunningly filmed... :D I LOVE THIS!!! Her expressions are priceless! Its wonderful. I think I shall go read the book again as well. Wonderfully done.
jehan413 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
Haha. I totally forgot the bit about Harry being knocked out cold. Maybe a reread is called for.

I fell in love with Cormac in the movie. Just, by the way. He was twelve times better than book Cormac, who was just a creeper. Movie Cormac was a funny creeper.
halfie-redpanda Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
;D ur doing the exact same thing as me basically. i remember all of these scenes perfectly now cuz i'm rereading it as well. i really like these sketches, esp. the top one. lmao XD love you wonwon!
dimi546 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
Lol, that leg... it's out of nowhere. Lawl.
Cookie-Dough-Goblin Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
They cut out my favorite part in the 6th book! I really wanted to hear Snape say "Roonil Wazlib." I have that whole entire part memorised, word-for-word.
burdge Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
haha, that was such a funny part! damn, i had forgotten that too. :roll:
Cookie-Dough-Goblin Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
When I was at camp, me and my friend quoted it so much on the last day, that everyone else on our deck also had is memorised. The camp lasted two weeks, and it started the day BEFORE the movie came out, so we weren't the only people quoting. No, far from it. x3
horsegirl99 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009   Traditional Artist
Love this!
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